Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

Action, Comedy, Crime, Mystery, Thriller | 103 min


Two years ago, there was a movie entitled HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE. Even though it had Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett in it, it tanked and was a pretty bad movie. The movie tried to make fun of L.A., it’s people and the behavior of these. But it went wrong, thanks to the lame script. KISS KISS BANG BANG somehow reminded me of that movie and showed me at the same time, that a similar story can actually work great for a movie. Robert Downey Jr.’s plays a smart thief, who accidentally runs into an audition for a movie while running away from the police. The present producer is enthusiastic about his performance and takes him to Los Angeles. With the arrival of them in L.A. the normal movie starts and thanks to Downey’s character Harry Lockhart, the audience gets to see the ‘real’ side of the city of angels.

He meets Val Kilmer there, who is supposed to train him as an actor to become like a preofessionel detective for the movie. By pure chance they fall into a murder case, and suddenly all the goons of L.A. are looking for them…

The sense of humour in this movie is fresh and well done. There is one scene in a toilet where the whole audience in the cinema just couldn’t take it anymore and laughed out loud for over a minute! Finally tears of fun in Cannes. Or another scene was really funny, when Kilmers figure confesses that he already knows that Downey won’t get the detective part, because they almost have Colin Farrell for that part… That’s some funny inside humour!

Val kilmer as detective Perry Van Shrike and Michelle Monaghan as Harmony convince in their roles as much as Downey does – fully. Director Shane Black seems to handle everything very well, too: The action sequences are great fun, the photography is always good and lets the viewer enjoy the sets, and the soundtrack is coherent and fits perfectly to the movie.

The main figure, Harry, also deserves an entry under the word ‘Cool’ in the dictionary – he is so cool, even John Travolta in PULP FICTION seems snobby against him. This is Downey’s comeback BIG TIME!

KISS KISS BANG BANG gives an absolutely relaxed view on Hollywood and it’s dark side. Not really realistic, sure, but with a nice, not too complex story, extremly cool figures and a sense of humour, that will make you laugh out loud.

Definitive worth seeing!

Jakob Montrasio

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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Trailer: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Action, Comedy, Crime, Mystery, Thriller

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