Anne Suzuki

Anne Suzuki

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  • Height: 5' 4¼" (1.63 m)


Tokyo-born Suzuki An is a Japanese actress who was a former child-actress that nonetheless was in the successful Hana And Alice playing the role of a schoolgirl next to Aoi Yu. She would return to this role in 2015. She attended the expensive ‘celebrity mill’ Horikoshi High School, which Aoi Yu also attended. She subsequently attended Wako University. She had a role in the American film Snow Falling On Cedars in 1999. She was declared Best Newcomer at the 26th Japanese Academy Awards for her role in Returner (2002). There were reports that Suzuki has become less popular and in-demand following her weight gains later in her career. She cites badminton, music and piano as favourite pastimes. Ann has a younger sister. She was under contract to Foster Management.