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Eric Gilliland is probably best known for bringing the hit TV series “Roseanne” to American audiences for many years. Most recently, he directed and co-wrote the much-lauded NBC TV pilot “Downwardly Mobile,” which managed to reunite Roseanne Barr and John Goodman in the starring roles. Despite much industry buzz, the pilot was not picked up by NBC for it’s 2012 TV schedule as a series. But the pilot DID inspire a new series by it’s supporting cast (Jason Antoon, Mary Birdsong, Greg Cromer, Romy Rosemont and Tricia O’Kelley), called “Bitter Party of Five.” Gilliland receives a “special thanks” in the show’s credits and is rumored to be a future guest on the list. Eric hails from the Chicago area, and much of his humor features a healthy portion of mid-western “meat and potatoes” sensibility. He is an expert whistler, and is also a passionate soup enthusiast. Gilliland is also a professor in NYU’s dramatic writing department where he teaches a course in TV story analysis. In theater, he has collaborated with Raising Hope’s Martha Plimpton and Reno 911’s Mary Birdsong on both actresses solo shows.


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  • Hair High

    Animation, Comedy, Horror, Romance

    6 /10

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