Ferdinand Fischer

Ferdinand Fischer


Ferdi is an experienced Action-Director, Stunt-Coordinator, Stuntperformer and Action- Cameraoperator with many international Credits filmed all over the globe. Together with Daniel Leavitt he invented the original “Warpcam” in 2012. Inventing this unique system was necessary in order to capture shots in a way never before possible. Because of their history in the stunt-business it gives them the ability to put the camera in the action and move it in a way not possible with traditional camera systems and traditional operators. They have been working with warpcam prototypes for 7 years now. While Warpcam can be used to achieve standard, Russian arm, steady-cam, movi, techno-crane, cable-cam, and dolly style shots. It can also do many things that these technologies cannot. It can be quickly attached or detached to drones, or cable-cams. It can be used to go through tight spaces that other camera systems could not. And because of the nearly unlimited freedom of movement, and perfectly stabilized image. It allows us to shoot in a style not possible before. Utilizing this style we can do full scale fight scenes with actors, establish locations in seconds, travel large distances seemingly instantly, and much more. Background: Most of his teenage years he traveled all over Europe competing as a Pro Street Skateboarder. After finishing school he worked for 1 year as a Photographer and DP in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. After that he went to Salvador, Brazil for 5 years to become a Graduate with A.B.A.D.A. Capoeira, he also became fluent in Portuguese. He trained traditional boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu extensively. Back in Germany he won the national Surf Championship on a Standing Wave. Soon after, he achieved a World Record with the highest Highfall into boxes. 150 ft. In-between all that he continuously pursued his career as a Stuntman and Stuntcoordinator / Actiondirector, working on many Productions like “Inglourious Basterds”, “Hitman: Agent 47”, “Point Break” and many more.