Gerardo Zepeda

Gerardo Zepeda


Born in 1938, Gerardo Zepeda began fighting professionally at a young age, before starting work in the film industry. ‘Chiquilin’ fought for 15 years under the name of ‘El Romano’. His vast film catalog composed by thugs, gangsters, monsters and other “sensitive” characters, definitely there seems to be no better adjective to describe the personality of this film actor who, in about 300 films and over 40 years of career, he has left a undeniable impression in the memory of several generations of viewers. Invited by Black Guzman (Guzman’s brother Rudy aka ‘Santo’), ‘The Roman’ traveled to the United States as a wrestler and for 15yrs had the opportunity to star in bloody battles against The Cave Galindo, Pompadours Guajardo, Pancho Villalobos, among others, the legendary Santo, whom the actor claims to have beaten “in two or three occasions” during the fifteen encounters they had. Jesus ‘Bat’ Velasquez himself, who also wrote several Mexican films (like The Shadow of the Bat and Santo Vs The Cowboys of Terror, and wrote the novel “Tlayucan” (that Luis Alcoriza adapted and directed with the same name), was the one who invited him to participate in film and who urged him to quit wrestling.


  • Film Name


  • El Topo

    Drama, Western

    8 /10